United St’ates De’partment of State (DOS) The ‘First (1)

Advance Sustainable Development and Global Interests #2

___Department of State \o-o/ Bureau of Consular Affairs

DOS is also the Depositary for more than 200
Multilateral Treaties.

Index of US Departments and Agencies, ‘Click Here*

____________Digital “Democracy” ‘Starts Here (OFC)* {‘GOBS}________|__
__________________Happy HF Thanksgiving

____________For this Woman, IT‘s ‘Small- Smart

_____SBA ( Large-ly as a Response to the ‘Pressures of)

_______________________’The Free’ Dictionary ‘By Far’lex

The Executive Branch has undergone tremendous
changes over the years, making it Very ‘Different from
what it was under (1) George Washington. /G.W.\

________________Where’s George?Com_______

_________Established in Article II, in ‘Section 2

____________Vatican and Holy See news – The Telegraph

Let your friends know too. Please share/s! ( SoG )

_____Name: Pa’pal Encyclical ________Online__________

Apostolic Letter Issued MOTU PROPRIO<>Latin
_________________{ ‘On One’s Own initiative}

W_____UNITED STATES OWNED___________[ CoL ]  ‘E

_____________What are YOU -T-hankful for?

They’re not ‘SURE what happened, While’ being ‘Cute.

Ball Four


HUMAN ENVIRONMENT_ _ Circa 60s ‘The Limitsto Growth’



“LOoks like We ‘Walk Some” ______LivinG In Sweden_______  A&M 25
)                 )            )                           \”I’m not a Crook” SjöFartsverket

________________________IceNews from the Nordic
________|A Long ‘SerieS of EVents – J. P. EBY –  ’61_________________
_________________The ‘Center for Civil And Human ‘Right s (CC HR)
__________________Notre Dame Law ‘SchoolED (NDLS)___________/*
As Trump has said he would abolish the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) it is . . .

___Paganism and CatholicISm: Sun Worship SyMbols

PoP – Texe Marrs(AvailAble  in VHS or DVD – Destroy ing Them

Which Destroy The Earth
____________EnvirOnment Sunday | GreenChristian

____A Watered down version of the Truth so as Not to Offend Rome

______________|L|A|W|________________________V ‘All Right‘s Reserved

____Le’GALLy Estabished ‘Under A DanISh-US Treaty________

First enunciated by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (ESA) E[P]A

____________The World is ‘Changing, ARe you?__________________________

______NASW__( 4 )_____________OUR COMMON FUTURE__________
_______________________________’Under’ The’ Weather_’NormAl_{BAS}

Our Common ‘Journey: A Transition Towards SustainAbility___[IV]

___________’Counter-Terrorism’ Implementation Task Force (CTITF)

____EEC____’Main___________CTITF Member (38) Entities

The Fourth Ind’ustrial Revolution: ‘What The’ _____IT means

European Commission  > Priorities > 10 Council (of) Europe (CoE) <\

GSA -The Commercial Communications Satellites (NS 2020)

____________________The Communications Initiative NetwOrk_______

AMTI-The ‘New Radar FacilitYAnother Piece of the Puzzle: ‘Charge

Madagascar: Heavy Oil promises a Bright Future for this Islands

_____________Island Network (GIN) They’ll ‘Fix ’em as soon as possible
Governing the United Nations Development ‘System (UNDS)
to Implement Agenda 2030.
Future United Nations  Development ‘SystEm – / – Sponsors * -/- *

____________________Earth Charter Initiative – Official Site_____________*

( 1 )( 2 )(3) ( 4 )( 5 )( 6 ) ( 7 )( 8 )( 9 )(10)(11) (12)(13) (14) (15) (16) (17)
(17) (16) (15) (14) (13) (12) (11) (10)(9)(8) (7) (~6~)( 5`)(4)(-3 )( 2 )( 1)
( 1 ) ( 2) (3) (4) ( 5 ) (6 ) ( 7 ) (8?)(9 )(10) (11) (12)(13) (14)(15) (16) (17)
(17)(16)(15)(14)(13) (12) (11)(10) (9) (8)(7)(6)( 5)( Four)(Three)(tw0)
________________________LeavE A Reply______________________________
____________UN-Led Processes SD {The Arrival}__’On Sunday-IISD

____________________’ORDER OF CANADA { GG }_______________

Come back OFTen. They believe you’ll find ‘Em Indispensable

A ‘Couple of Swells ___________’Drum ‘Crazy (Reprise / Again //
__________________[ MIA ] [‘Bricks] Masonry InstitutE Of America
______________________See ‘Song & Dance’ Routines _________________
______________________{WIC}_________And The Public_____________

International Climate Initiative {IKI} Mexico-Germany Dual Year
_________________The Global E-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI)_____
(IC) ‘They’ve ComE a long wayS Since the Worldwide movement ‘for
EduCation For ALL was initiated in Jomtien, Thailand in 1990 and
Reaffirmed in Dakar in 2000.
_____________Mid-Continent Railway ‘Historical Society____________
______________________________North Freedom, Wisconsin___________
______________________________{Won 9 – Lost  2} -3}___________________

__________________________April 17,  2016-/ – 17 April__________________

______________________First 1)00-win Season/s’ Since 1935

“Where ‘What Happened Yesterday is being preserved Today-BA

________________________How About Those Cubs!________________________

_____________________________”That Be N’ice” {Champions}_____________

__________________Chicago Events ____Metro’Mix  ‘Pick(Le)-s___________

__________________Cubs ‘tie 1907 Team for Franchise‘s best ‘start______

___________________________{The Above has Not been the ‘norm.}___
___________Billy Joel Returns To Wrigley ‘Field Friday, August 26

______________________Enter Your Email address________________


_____[NSA] “What ‘About ‘After We /They ‘Do it”________________

_____________Chicago{‘The BusiNess‘} JournaL_____________

Gold Coast, a NeighborHood ‘Visitor Guide from Chicago Traveler
___________An Official Website_(The River Of ‘Dream s)_____________
This ‘Pattern continued until he Was ‘Shot by the F.B.I. in 1934.(J.D.)
__________________________________{Especially The ‘State -[0f]- Illinoi$-}
__________________________TAT A(ah) TAT TAT_______________________-__
___________________”Get the ‘Second/s floor Windows”________________

___________________American Society of Travel ‘Agents (ASTA)_______

The 1060 Project will be rolled out in Four Phases between 2014-18

____________________________”But It‘s {Still} Early Yet”__________________

___________’Way Too Early. . . Something to ‘Start the Day____________

____________________________”Just ‘Call ‘Em ‘Up”________________________

_____”Art just gets better When it can ‘Connect on many levels…”

1-800-588-2300 Em/p ire-The Cost-What’s it GoINg Cost Us?/’me

_________________________________________[Fort Ft.[‘ ‘] Wayne too far?)

_________________________Dear ‘New Members, Dear [Friend]s _____<|
Welcome to Greater Fort Wayne Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
____________’Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 25-March-2016 – IRS

(W) -River Origins, Destinations and ConfluENces
_________________The ‘Early North America Factory System________
_________________A ‘Complete WatEr TranSportation Network

_______________________________History -n- Center____________________
__________________________Maybe Just A “Little” Too Far_______________

____________A bureau |within| the US Department of Commerce

My San Diego -| Regional Economic Development Council/Counsel

Scripps Ship Operations & Marine Technical ‘Support (SOMTS)

________________________________(‘LAying For’)__________________________

________________________’Coaching ‘Companies For Success_________

_____________________{MIO} Other ‘Events Organised By TDN UK

Alaska Dept. of Commerce, Community and Economic Development

_________________________”Oh well…” That ‘Big Picture______________
_________Next HBP Summit will be ‘Hosted in Florence, Italy_________

‘First two Safe Haven [‘Baby] Boxes have been ‘InstAlled in Indiana.
___________________________Sentient World Simulation [ SWS ] |

_________________’Foster ing Global Governance _____Kind regards, /-*

SOLid Groundwork has been laid for Philanthropic organizations to
co-create transformative solutions to achieving the SDG’s.

Herr said participants are asked to Act as normal as possible and
if Questioned to say they Forgot” their pants.
__________A ‘Short|s History of “Light” Rail_____________________

The Puffin’ Billy, as it LOOKs Today in The London Science Museum
^IMPACT | 2030 is the only ‘Business led effort designed to marshal
^the  power of employee volunteer investment to advance the
^Achievement of The Goals.
Since forming the partnership for Sustainable Communities in 2009,
HUD, DOT and EPA have announced A ‘Series of grants and other
assistance to communities across the country.
USDA-National Agriculture Library NAL Rural Information Center

Earlier, Walker was vice president for foundation initiatives (GRP]
at the Rockefeller Foundation

__Secretariat__ Barents EuRo-ARctic Council The observe-r ‘Status

Westwood HEI The Global Norm #1st(OP)   Resilience Science
Your Window To The Barents REGION 25 February 2016 ___Feb. 25

(AIIB) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Inaugural (CNM)

UNGC AGENDA 2030: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

IPBES-4 Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity & Ecosystems

A list of selected Scoping Experts available here: Regional/

____National Sustain’ableDevelopment Strategies (NSDS )

_____________________THE OILPRO DAILY EMAIL_________________

_____________________________ECOLABEL INDEX___________________
UtilizED By ‘Leading Companies And Institutions Around the World

_______________Nordic Ecolabel  aswell as the EU Ecolabel in Sweden

____AF ‘have 18 Offices in Asia that ‘Serve 22 countries & territories
The Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) are used to monitor
EU Development Strategy (EU SDS) in a ‘Report every two years.
__________________They are ‘presented in Ten themes.__________________

News Focus________(At The Meeting – “Anything he Wants”)_______
___________________  PM  Mining ‘The Moon’ ( The [‘Forms} )_____It


“Trading is short term and can go away faster than investment’
and China will always have a competitive Advantage ‘due to
its proximity.”
___________________The Great Rivers Partnership_______________________
China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited

CEN Top third-party mobile paymEnt services in China (3PL) ‘Reach

___________(STK4SD) ConSortium, Gathering________________”M’SR”

______Welcome to the United NationS UN-Business ‘Action Hub

Panama Panama Pacifico  Variety 41 1 BN Americas

Parliament -“This time it’s ‘different” –OLAF and -you-

Bridge To Another WorlD  IBThe so-called Brexit

GALLUP – Analytics And Advice About EveryThing That Matters

________________________________________________By Jim‘my Norman

Baal Worship News – Nihil novi  ( “Nothing new”)

_________________Be not therefore like unto them________________

_______University and Historic Precinct Alcalá de Hernare

_______________________( Leaving No Trace)________________________

___________________Lifelong Learning { MALTA }__________________

It also ‘served as a model for universities in Europe And Elsewhere.

_________________ATW  Air Transport World  Airship Watch_ ‘HAV)e

75 Years of Progress ThroUGh Sharing  IIA Internal Auditor

[ That]s Clever Professional Site < ‘Right To ‘Left ‘MovemenT

_____________________[LSE] [Life’ – Sciences -Europe.com____________
___________________|    | “-You    Still    Here”? |    |________________________

________________Famous Prison Escapes  OH, The Noise!__________>* *

________________________-OHCHR Universal Periodic Review UPR____

_________________These -UN bodies are Not ‘served by OHCHR (4)

404 Error – Sorry, the page you have requested Does not Exist.
___________________________{ Especially After ‘They Leave}________
| __DANGER!___| UNMAS (Fourth) 4th April was/is International
|_________________|Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in
__________________ A Story of the ‘Last 45 Years___________

__’The ‘Old Social Justice Activists Rackets Starts Here!


_______West  Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!  Email Brigade

_________________Planet Experts  KNowYourPlanet________________ – Bob Marshall Wilderness – General Informati’on

‘Even with all that Walking, Bob never lived {‘made it’} beyon~d 38.

Pronounced ab-soar-ka, the ‘Range is often mispronounced Even
By localS.
_________FX STREET – And RemebeRing Your Time Zone_______
NPS___________________Experience ‘Your America________________NPS

______________________________The “SOR” ‘Trail________________________

_____________________The ‘Wilderness Society_____________________

Northern Rockies Ecosystem ‘Protection ‘Act, or ( NREPA)*/>


In 2010 their bishops ‘produced another Document, Choosing
the ‘Common Good.

______________________Global Forum For The Comm’on GOod /OOPS!
Unmarked Graves  [ SCI ] ‘Service Corporation International

_______100 Key Websites   Social Justice in Action
______________________WMO ‘Extranet__________________________

____________________UK Met Office Marine Forecast__________

Under the Paris agreement, countries ‘Volunteer to ‘take
Steps to reduce their impact on the climate ‘Begin ning in 2020.

_________________(| “Never ‘Heard of ‘Em” |)___________________

_____________You might also like: Beef Daily_______________

(Known as Operational ‘Preparation of the ‘Battle space)

______________ Here, Imagine THIS..A Yes or a No_____

___________________[‘Going to’the EPA‘s own website, [Yourself]
________________________Planet Infowars “Operation Fresh Start”

_________See The ‘Rest of Alex Jones on YouTube Channel

Ladies And Gentlemen(‘Man )With A Plan’ Evironmental Justice EJ*

______________’Click Here for ‘More…’Chief___________________

______United Nations UN Information Centers-/- Centres _______


______________USDA Economic Research ‘Service__________

_______Don’t Forget Your Guns (Weapons) ‘On The Way” Out”

TruthMove ‘OperRation  Gladio NATO/CIA “StAy-Behind”

Secret Armies UNODA ‘Step-[ By )-Step’ Guide
_______________ SpecWarNet Intelligence Support ‘Activity ( ISA ) *

Which of The ‘Following is not a Type of Food:
_______________________________Cheese, Lettuce, Pickle or Coal?*

__________Homeland Security ‘startS with ‘Hometown Security

__________________The ‘MultiNational ‘Exercise________~~_____*

_______*Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums__________
________________________And those ‘Insurance Concerns_______

___Museos Vaticanos |ES| News from the Museum______________

_________________The Jesuit Curia in Rome_______________________

_______________Remember “Come September“? (2016)

______________________The Fake {Bear}d ‘Picture _____________B{Q}J *

Jesuit Communities and Apostolic works are organized / organised
By ‘Provinces’ which belong to One of Ten ‘Assistances’ around
The’ World.

_______________________________The ‘Ancient’ Roman Trusts______<-|*

___________________Pope Francis- [CNA]- Latest News EWT N_____

_______________________’Resist 21 ‘Suggested Sites_________

Time Magazine Correspondent with Long Hair And ‘Straight Face

__________________’ALERT: Got Catholic Television? {The Daily Basis}

Curious Note: And /’by/ the 4th Century, Man-y ‘Within the Roman

Military Ranks, were Able to Claim BARBARIAN Heritage.
Retreat CenterS How about You? Need a Map? The Commencement

__Law’ and Social Justice InitiativeS / Legislative Action

______________’Safenet is ‘now Gemalto – Security to be free

___________________________Not ‘Till Jesus Christ Comes – ___

Pacific Biodiversity Institute -Where‘ We/They Work

________Sustainability Starts Here Sustainable Development [SD UN]

_________Nasdaq – ‘Todays Most Viewed ‘Company News
ICGN – International Corporate Governance Network – RI Codes *

The AlgemEiner – The ‘Real Old‘ Roman Ship off the Coast~~ { IAA}

Defense|House of Committee on ApPROPriations(BS)Finish(ed)ing?

__________________________End of The Ameri’can Dream_____________

_________|Correct|ional  Food ‘Service Industry_____________________

_______________________It is Finally  Here! Or (It’s About Time!)

_________’Serving The Federal Prison / Penal System__________/

________Note: The ‘Art icle that was originallY published ‘in____
________________________________________________Oh, about 0.25 to 1.25
_____________CoR -It IS the ‘work of AGENDA 21________________RW

__________LibraryThing UN Holy Alliance, or later, The Entity_____

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro PUC-Rio



Wildlands Project And United Nations Convention
on Biological Diversity  Thanks Ed

IUNS 21st InternationAl CongRess of Nutrition
Buenos ‘Aires, Argentina 22-27 October 2017
____’Carrots Help ‘You See During The BLACKOUT’
__________________ed______________________________ ?
The Official Site – –British Nutrition Foundation

Nutrition Society ‘Advancing Nutritional Science

The IUNS-ICN International Congress of Nutrition
is a Four Yearly meeting that’s beEn held since 1946.


More than half of Humanity NOW lives in Cities and this is
projected to rise to 70% by 2050-representing a Doubling of
the Global Urban Population by Mid-Century.
. .
. .__________Bioversity International Funding Partners

~  – -UNITED NATIONS||| || ”’,,, Audiovisual   AGENDA  2030 – –

___________________GESAMP ~ Science for Sustainable Oceans

~ ~ ~UN-Water Currently  counts 31 Members and 38 Partners

PERN – It is an Internet-based network that is ‘Open and Free to all
WHO are interested in Population Environment Research.
______International Maritime Club IMC  Useful? Links Blu r}
Food and Nutrition Policies and Programmes

_UNFPA Twentieth Anniversary Edition (ICPD) Programme

Society For Conservation Biology (SCB)  (ECCB)  L HI  WWF    e _

_’Building a future in which humans live in Harmony with Nature _

_Case’ Studies  Climate Change and Biodiversity ETC Group

Collaborations  Climate & Geoengineering  >     * _ –

Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical And Technological Advice
( SBSTTA ):/* The Others _ –

Convention on Biological Diversity (CBDMajor Groups

GenomeCanada  The Innovation Continuum – –

Public Population Project in Genomics and Society P3G

EMBO European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC)

Molecular Biology ‘Laboratory    University System     EMBEL – .Gov

National Human Genome Research Institute –

OECD work on Marine Biotechnology

Global Biological Assessment (GBA) NAP _ _

___________________The CLIMATE CHANGE TREATY_____________

UN Framework on Climate Change UNCCC – _G8 leaders commit to 2015 climate change treaty – _  USCAN In This Section  (MAC)

International Climate ‘Events Calendar  |     |     |  ( * ) _ _

_________________The RIO DECLARATION________________________

Rio Declaration on Environment and Development –

UNEP  Environment for Development Programme

UNEA   United Nations Environment Assembly ) )))))

First Environment Assembly Smart Africa  | INITIATIVES |  (Kenya)  *

| * UBA  United Bank for Africa

Business & Human Rights  Resource Centre  (BHR) BisNis  Africa

Business Investment News Mine Digitisation _______________

GRM Futures Group Companies – – ____________________

The ‘High Atlas Mountains Forecast_____ Carefully Selected, News Travel, Information & Lifestyle

_______________________What About Africa?______________________


________________________Joan Veon_______________________________

__________May 17, 1949 — October 18, 2010___________________

The Woman’s International Media Group_____________________ n
Whatever got you here, please take some time to read this
Information or, bookmark it for later.

Africa Regional Coverage _____________’Latest News_________

_______”Connecting the Global to the Local…so you can ACT”______

_____________________) International Sustainability Unit (________________

_–^—————————————————————————– *

AfricLaw — ‘Advancing the rule and Rol(l)e of law ‘in Africa__________*

_   ^_____________________________________________________________________*

– _______________________________________________________________________

Commission on Global Governace   -Our Global Neighborhood
___________________________________________________________________ __
|  |  |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  ||   ||     ||   |         |   | ______________________________________________________________

What made you want to look up Commission on Global
Governance? ^


Afro-Business  Expo | Habitat III-UN- * Urban  Forum Network

Huairou  Commission  Women, Homes & Community _ _

__________________________AGENDA 21_________________________

Sustainable Development ‘and How‘ It Affects You

Materials Management:  Environmental   – education –

The Powers That ‘Beat : ‘The ‘Time’ line of |Population Control *

Alphabetic listing of NGO’s affiliated with the UN – * –

Sustainable Medicine  (‘Chapter 6) – * – –

United Nations Earth Summit (Rio 1992) RIO 2016 _ _

IISD Reporting Services  Other resources ~~ *


22nd Annual ISTF Conference: Tropical Forests for SD
| |

Yale ‘Picture with Wood ‘Floor ing  and Wood Paneling
_______About Yale  / Outdoors \ Since its Founding in 1701

_______________”This is Going to Be A Picnic”______________

___________________\ No es realmente/________________

La Casa Latino Cultural Center At Yale  New Haven. CT 06511


World Resources Institute  |  Global Forest Watch  GFW [ ]  *

___________________________________________________________ _

Global Forest Resources Assessments ( FRA ) | WFC 2015

This event is co-organized by FAO, IUFRO, the World Agroforestry
Centre and INBAR with additional organizational support from:

The British magazine Times Higher Education  ( THE )

The Prince’s Rainforests Project was set up in October 2007 by
The Prince of Wales.

Natural Capital Accounting is a global effort to reshape accounting practices, evaluating business on a Triple E – analysis – Environment
[ Nature before man], Equity  [ new social system and legal
principles] and Economy [as in fascist control]

IUCN – The six Commissions unite 10,000 volunteer experts   VI *

From a range of disciplines. – – – Land Use, Land- Use Change and
Forestry    ( LULUCF ) \ * –

United Nations Forum on Forests( CPF) Sustainable Forest
Management (SFM)

‘Follow-up’     Research Tools ‘Finnish approach IUFRO )

High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development UNCCD


Convention to Combat-ive Desertification Desert News

_________________RIO sparked 5 main agreements

________________General Assembly of the United Nations . . . .

_________________United Nations Security Council ___________

_________________________In line with UN…

The P5’s privileged status has its roots In the UN’s ‘Found ing in
Aftermath of World II. The United States and Russia ^(then the
Soviet Union) were the outright victors of the War, along with the
United Kingdom, they Shaped the Postwar Political ‘Order. . .

Economic and Social Council  (ECOSOC) . ~

International Decade for Action  ‘Water For Life’ 2005 –  2015 .

Department of Economic and Social Affairs DESA .

Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOL SS)

La Cour internationale de Justice (CIJ) ‘Latest . International

Tribunal for the Law of the Sea   (ITLOS) .

The above, were established by conventions within the UN, but are
now independent entities with special cooperation agreements.

Maritime boundary  delimitation agreements and other material

________________________The UN Trustee Council_______________________

________________________The New Global High Priest___________________


FP – The ‘Sweeping Austerity Measures  | Public |  Service Unions *
_________________________________                 _____________________________
Network For Global Economic justice _________________________________                  ____________________________
_________________________________                  ____________________________

The ‘Large Hadron’ Collider  ( CERN )  ___________________________
________________________________                    ___________________________ /
UNESCO And CERN, Two Organizations/Organisations Which/- *
have been closely linked for 60 years.

Implementation of the World Heritage Convention is governed by
the World Heritage Committee, an intergovernmental Committee
Which consists of 21 States ‘Part ies to The Convention.

__________The World Heritage Committee____0__+___0_________* ___________

UNESCO.s War Against National Sovereignty

United Nations  Population  Division  Interview With

UNODC The United Nations Office ‘On Drugs and Crime And
Terrorism Prevention. ________________________________________________________________
UNCAC Civil Society Coalition UN Convention Against Corruption


_______________International Law Enforcement Academy __________
The FBI ‘Gotcha __________________________

_________________________COMPUTOR WORLD______________________

_________________________All Hands -Free  “Right“_____________

______________________Positive ‘Signal Ahead of Cop 21____*|*

______Welcome to the National Maritime Museum of Ireland

_______FTI-This  is  a normal | ‘Part | of most sites____________

__________________________The Irish Times____________________

GRID ARENDAL  A Centre Collaborating With UNEP ___________

_________International Bat Night  { IB- -N }  Since 1997____________

_____________Department of Justice  DoJ  Agencies__________
______________The Tiresome Police Manhunts_________________

_________________Climate Conference (Summit), Paris___________

_______________21st Conference of the Parties On Climate_____
TT:__________UNFCC Cop 21/ CMP 11.  30 Nov – 11 Dec 2015
____________________Sustainable Innovation Forum 7-8__________ ____________________________________________________________________

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall  Royal Insight +*

________The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group____(CLG) *

Title given to the Heir to the British Throne | Royal  ‘Family  History
__________________Welcome to Digital Media Revolution
__________________________________’Over 21 ____________

Prince Charles is the 21st holder to The Title

Our World Brought to you By United Nations University_____

_______________________________UN Web TV____________________________

___________________________Daily Noon Briefing

__________________________United Nations Radio_____________________

______________UN  Environment  Programme UNEP News__________ _

____________Environmental Governance    News Highlights *

_______________________________The People$ Cube____________________

The Partnership for Action on Green Economy  (PAGE) has Four
founding partners that have all worked to address different aspects
of a Green Economy.

___________Global Environment  Outlook  GEO-5  GEO-6 In mid-2017

Champions of the Earth Award ‘From the United Nations.UNEP.Org ________________________________________________________________________/ * _______________________________________________________________________?\
The Globalist –  How the World Really ‘Hangs Together

________________________Criminal History of the Papacy

From Joe – According to The Holy Bible, Salvation comes only ___________’through Faith in Jesus Christ_____The Lamb of God

Catholic Church is the only religious organization in the World that
has as an independent State Headquarters  :  Vatican City

__________________________How the Vatican ‘created Islam.

Jail ‘Exchange’ US Military (MIL) Jails, Brigs, Prisons and Inmates

Texas Catholic Conference 84th  Legislative Session In Review

_____________________The Horse Sense Blog__________________________

__________________________  The Real Truth____________________________

Horse sense is knowing that yelling doesn’t  get your point across,

it only makes it Louder. Church Tax  – What???

________Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre  of Jerusalem

I   I   I_______________________IHS Jesuit National News_______________

Annus Fidei – Immaculata Conceptio  | Papal ‘Brief { ‘Part ly }

“I’m not smart” He ‘Really’ Isn’t that smart.  SpirituallySmart.Com

Knights Hospitallers of The Sovereign Order St. John of

Jerusalem Knights of Malta The Ecumenical Order

Alex Jones –  AGENDA 21  ‘ In – Depth ~~~E~~~~~)  * _________________________~~~   MARINES  ~~~  _______________________

___________________________   A Founder BIO ____________________________

_____________________Army Orienteering Course_______________________

______________Army Special Operations Command USASCO) * * *

4-Star General Discusses ‘Position as Commander of US Special OPs

_ _TRIMATRIX  Laboratories  Environmental Laboratory  Testing _


The Globalist Agenda – Unfortunately, the very real and pressing Environmental Concerns of the Environmental Movement Have Been Hijacked By the Elite to serve their Own Aims.

US Department of Defense  (DoD)  Armed With Science  Blog

SERDP|ESTCP DoD’s Environmental Research Program/OFGEM\ /

\ __\ Commitment to European Security Operation Atlantic Resolve
__________________________________________________________________________* ______________[]_________NOC__________[]_________NOC_______NOC____[]

BACKGROUND: This hearing was the ‘Second hearing to Focus on
the National Ocean Policy and Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
Initiative. The hearing featured testimony from Administration
officials and Impacted industries on Obama Executive Order 13547, which established a new National Ocean Policy and Council that
could severely Restrict the recreational and commercial uses of our
oceans and create uncertainty for Inland activities.

AEROSPACE is uniquely ‘Positioned to bring its immense Cataloque of technical Expertise and its Decades of experience To Bear on
Todays most exciting and ‘Challeng ing problems.  \\ | + |   //

The Corporate Headquarters in El Segundo, California

A Guy Runs Into A Bar…  The Lions Club and Rotary International |>

Lions Quest Affiliations | \|/ Rotary ‘Club Finder or “Tokyo Japan”
_____________________________________________________________________ Dumb Joke )) Knock -Knock  Who is IT? Rob  Rob Who? ‘Rob (YOU)

Technocracy Inc   Technocracy The ‘Window To Your Future

National Cyber Security Awareness  Month [ NCSAM ]_________ALL* ________________________________________________________________________

_________________________About ‘POP ‘IN______________________________

___United Nations Population Information Network_______________

McDonald’s is fighting to stay Relevant –  Infowars  Strange Matter*

A Major Landmark in the Alternative Geography of Top Secret
America _______________________________________________________________________

Big Data  – ” Dynamic ‘Dangerous Times”  Additional Information
Techopedi   RelaTional Database Management System   (RDBMS) / *

The Vigilant Citizen    Bilderberg 2015   Intellihub  News
___________________________________________~~~~~~~~~~~~  See ‘Spook Mail Intercept –Tuesday Out in the ‘Open _________________________________________________________________

* Private Equity Firms                Find The Best ‘Names

_________________________The Daily Sheeple_____________________

If you’ve got a news report, article or ‘Story that You think may be of interest please let them know. –

__________        ___________  Bank Info  –  security    ___________     ____ ___________________________________________________________________  __ __

JPMorgan Chase & Co.  01 0 0 10 Goldman Sachs (GS)  ‘Hi Jim! _______________________________________________________________  ___  * ___

Masked gunman tries to blast his ‘ way into ‘ money rooms at two
Wal-Marts, JPSO says “He don’t need a gun” No, he does it with pen
and Ink.
Media Control: News Focus   Media Consolidation: 6 Media


IMF Whistleblower John Perkins, ‘Confessions of an Economic
Hitman / Hitmen

_____________TechNewsWorld    MalWare – Indeed___________

The “creation” of sophisticated malware such as Stuxnet and Duqu
_____________________________[] – | – []________________________
‘Administration, the fastest-growing component of government is
the “shadow government” represented by private ‘Companies doing public work under federal contract.”
_____________________________________________________________  < >  *CH [ / ] _____________________________________________________________________

____________________ They’re * ‘Not ‘Finished   Yet’  *________________
Federal Agency Strategic Sustainability ‘Performance Plans -_ –

Trans-Pacific ‘Partnership ( TPP )  – | –  Trans-Atlantic FTA (TAFTA)
‘Background to the Transatlantic Corporate Governace Dialogue

Forex – Third – Eye  Regulatory ‘bodies by  Country: *

The Counter Terrorism ‘Business   ( THE Snooper’s Charter)
____________________________________ ____________________________________
“You – Just Hush Now”   Future Earth Events   ‘Great Britain   *

Un  Holy ‘Shit!  ( Crap )  Focusing ‘on the’ United Nations .*. (UN)

The Revolving Door   |   |   Business-Managed Government Global

Corporate  Gorvernace  Regional  Programmes

Corporate Governace  Development ‘Framework(DFI’s)For Whom?

Oops Something Went Wrong!
———————————————–    Remember LBJ?   5013c Facts    <|> *


Air Power Australia   \ RAND Corporation  Current AReas ) *

Sydney Institute of Marine Science  ( SIMS )~~~~~~~ *


Major Supporters of SIMS and SIMS Foundation-Look it up yourself
Harbour Trust|Vision planning and ‘management of Sydney Harbour sites. __________________________________________________________________

—— Welcome to the archives here at reality research resource.
Have a look a Around.’

* . .THE INSIDER – U.N.  Commission on Global Governance . .

End-Times   Go Ahead And Remember It Anyway   Thank You

Secretariat – At its head is the Secretary-General, who is appointed
by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security
Council for a five-year renewable term.


The ‘Backgrounder – CFR   The ‘Rule  Chatham House Governance

An Alphabetic List     CNN – What  She wants;  HM Stationery Office
CNN  politic$  { ‘Honey ‘Pot } of >  GO  Stationary
________________________________________________________________________ There are many more food ‘related‘ companies in their list. Feel free to use the search below if you are looking for a particular company
name or market.

WHO  Draft Guidelines: Sugar intake for adults and children

Continuum  ‘Advanced Systems  Our ‘Partners in Innovation

Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG)
Copyright Collective of Canada  (CCC) c | |

GNW | TRUST    HERE   ( Great Northern Way )

Canadian Hazards Information Service (CHIS) |

c Government of Canada  St ay ‘Connected MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈ

Government Offices of Sweden    Kingdom of Sweden

IT policy is about  promoting digitalization in all areas of society.

Government of the Netherlands  ( (GCCS  2015)) The Hague Home

~ Netherlands Organisation For International Assistance

( Novib ) C  – National Ecological Network ( NEN)

c C International Development Research Centre


[] [] II || MAEKYUNG MEDIA GROUP 16th World Knowledge Forum

[] 0 {} {} McKinsey & ‘Company Alumni ‘Center(She ‘lives with it’ )
_______________________________________________Battle of the ‘Bulge 71st
_____________________________________________________Before You ‘Dig |
_______________________________________Staying Safe Around Electricity

Northwest ‘Territories Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

_______________________________________________________Current ‘Exhibits
__________Canada Aviation And Space Museum_____________

State Of Alaska – Follow Gov. Walker And A Congressional

‘Popular Links NOTE:Not responsible for ‘STUFF Outside of Alaska

_________________CMS.Gov American Indian/Alaska Native Center

NWMP MusicAl Ride ||___But Wait. . There’s MORE__________2017

___If you have any Questions about their Aboriginal Engagement
Programs please email Stan, Supervisor, Stakeholder Relations.

____________________GLOBAL CROSSING IMMIGRATION________*
______________________Travel Information for Canada____________

Are you Experiencing Constant Ringing in yourEars?((Duluth

MintPressNews  No More Nice Canada   C-51 Anti-Terrorism Law

|______________Canadian Mining Certification ‘Program _____ |      |
_________________________________________________________________|      |
|     |_______________________________________________________________

“Democracy at War: Canadian War Museum

‘In homes, schools and libraries across  Canada, people are looking
for evidence of what it means to be a Canadian.

SEDAR-The system For Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval is a ‘Filing System developed For the Canadian Securities
Administrators To:


Opening Even More Doors For Air Canada Altitude Members
The first health food store in Canada opened its doors in 1936, right in the Heart of the Prairies. _______________________________________________________________________
C2030Canada Towards  2030 Project RimsCanada   West And East

_________________Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020_________
___________________________________Canadian Sugar Institute____

________________The Last ‘Best West 0)(0 Bienvenue  au Manitoba

___ ‘Rock}  RoYal Saskatchewan Museum Welcome to Dino ‘Country

COOL 93.9 FM  Amy Nelson in the Mourning “I’ve got a problem” BL

^ ^^ IANA  Intermodal Association of North America ^ ^^

Trent University     Challenge The Way You ThinRead More ___

___ Managing A Network For All Seasons:   Silence Costs

Mapping Channels to Mobilise Institutional Investment in Energy

OECD Better Policies For Better Lives  Upcoming Events

EDRC   Economic Development And Research Center $ $  Financing

Sustainable Development  ( DAC ) 29 Members $ $ UN-NGLS

____________ Sustainable Development Financing ( ICESDF )

“”””””You’ll wrestle with the decision, but you’ll win ICANN |>


THE | DIPLOMAT A New International Economic Order Contacts of

Trade and Investment Promotion Agencies

BRICS Information Sharing & Exchanging Platform

Brazil Climate Progress __________________________________________________________________
Coordinated nationwide by national confederation of Industry CNI) One World Nations Online Project The Earth   Science Agreements ZDNet About Brazil’s “Internet Constitution’ On Telcom  Hi George


* * * * Russia ru en      National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute” ru National Counsel on Corporate Governace                   HMS Group * * * * [~]  Permanent Normal Trade Relations ( PNTR ) _____________________________________________________________

The Republic of Bashkortostan  UFA  Russia  BRICS/SCO  Summits    ____________________________________________________________ _____________________) (_________________________

IFAW  Please ensure that you are polite at all Times
RMI  Working GLOBALLY to reduce energy use.  {‘Support)

Wildlife of Russia  Natural history from around the world

__________Kremlin News  Please Like Their Page_______________*

SPUTNIK – Putin: The Far East is ‘Key to Russian Economic ‘Development. Federation Council of the Federal Assembly |
Assemble | of the Russian Federation _________________________________________________|____________|

KRET —— Open’ configuration of embedded series of Interrogators 44D with set of racks and units enables operation in the modes of
Said systems. PAK FA ( Advanced  ‘Tactical Air System )  T-50

Encyclopedia of Safety  Survival  videos

Global Advisory ‘ Council     ‘INDIANS ~! Centre for Climate Change and Development ICCCAD) * _______________________________________________________________\ ______________________________________________________________\

For Advanced  Studies Development Partners          UN     * _______________________________________________________________/ _______________________________________________________________/ India _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________

MoneyControl  _  India’s No. 1 Financial Portal

Maritime  Gateway | News   ‘ The ‘Full Story’

ASSOCHAM          Serving the Nation since 1920 Welcome to Indian
Railways   Other Railway Sites :

Defence  Public Sector Undertaking  ( DPSU ) S U-30 M KI * * * *
Global Research  Dr. Paul  Craig Roberts In contrast, when Obama
visited China, the Chinese Government treated him with politeness
and respect. ______________________________________________________________________




________________________China Knowledge_______________________
Communications Standards Association (CCSA)

Structure CNNIC   China Internet Network Information Center

( Asia Pacific Network Information Centre )

ChinaSite,com  Companies Headquartered in

Shanghaiist   Look:  Xi’an Welcomes Indian Prime Minister

Stock ‘Exchange  (S SE)    Information Technology Agreement (ITA )

Founding Corporate Sponsors of ACGA       GlobalEdge  Your source for |Global| ‘Business’ Knowledge _________________________________________                    _____     _____

InsideCounsel ‘Master  Public “Safety” Answering ‘Points  (PSAPs) _______________________________________________________

Face-To-Face   DOD Upcoming Events ________1105 __________________________________________________________________________ Washington  Technology  F   Government Contractors And Partners __________________________________________________________________________ Migration to urban areas is most rapid in Africa and Asia ___  __  __ _  _______________   ____________________________________

South Africa Adds The Following Value To BRICS:   The ‘Lost And Found Department of Tourism

Republic of South Africa  T.20 Initiative |

The Code’s 10 Principles amply cover the Economic, Social, */
cultural, and Environmental components of travel and tourism.
Sustainable Energy Africa  (SEA) News IA B [  ] South Africa Digital
Summit Bookmarks

You’ll find them on the southern  ‘Tip  of Africa-
where two oceans meet.  17-19 November 2015 Cape Town, South Africa

DOS  In   Other News  *Directorate of Defense ‘Trade Controls -|- *
At the Request of WHOM? WHAT‘S  / NEW? / WHERE They
Are -US – ________________________\/_____________________________/

The Anti-Aircraft ‘Machine Gun    ( ‘Chamber’ )
___________________________________________________________________________ Administrative Law    ( ALJ‘s )_——————————— *
___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ‘Waters of the US’ <   Rule’ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
L E    L E     L E     L E     L E     L E     L E     L E     L E    ‘ THE VERGE ‘

United Technologies  (UTC)  News Latest Data: Group of 7( G7 )

Go Ahead And Remember IT Anyway. Sponsors -|- * ‘

About The IHO  OH  HI

AGROPOLIS International Montpellier, France G.B.E.  Green
Building Elements     /France Enacts Green Roof  Law\
Pictures of ‘Beautiful Colonial Style Homes /Houses  Gene Hackman

GreenBuilding ~ building the future with intention / intended to /

Risk Management  Society   |  Monitor  Latest  Headlines

Larry King Live  ‘Keep Up’ to Date with Larry – Sure he may  Have

‘Hung Up’ his Nightly Suspenders. o. but Larry isn’t going anywhere.

_______He’s / She’s Been  ‘Meaning to ‘Fix That‘)MAN Clint Eastwood

Korea Society  Transforming our World  ‘with Ambassador OH Joon

_____________________The Golf Tournament_________
_______________________Hotels ‘By TRUMP___________________________
______________________NEWS  &  ANNOUnCEMENTS _________
_____________________________—_________________________________ 17-8

For Businessmen, it is the ‘Only Gate for Successful CommercE
with Government GuaranTee  DPR Korea

_______________________The ‘Wrecking Ball ( No Accident)

__________________________________________________O * SH%# _____

. )_______________________’Practice GreenheAlth____________________

_____________________’Rob b(ed) ‘Report Trump National Doral  ‘Cheat

The Korea Society traces its roots ‘To 1957 when a ‘Group of
Prominent Americans, Under the leadership of General James A.
Van Fleet who commanded the US Armed Forces in The’ Final
Phase of the Korean War

____________________The US Army in The Second World War II_______

IISD Reporting Services–Tracking the real-time story of Sustainable Development ______________________________________________________
____________________’TalkS at GS @ GoldmanSachs________________*

With monetary policy | ‘Close | to its limits. they take a lo-ok at
___________________________________the road ahead.

______________________Capital Markets ‘Union (CMU)____________/

________________Civil War News / Watch‘Dog /
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS)
It’s All ‘About____________________Post-Civil War______________________*
___________Sustainable Medicine Manifesto [ Cuba ]

US Army Heritage And Education Center  ‘DIG IT AL Collections

From The Trenches World Report.Com  The ‘Wen t Gang
________________________Paris Knowledge Bridge_________________
66th ‘Meet ing of the Standing Committee of the Convention
on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora

GCN   Global Combat  Support  System Department of ‘Army /Navy’

The Nanny State is now officially /in the/ “nudging” business
Forward Observer Magazine ____|      |

ANALYSIS: What About China’s “Active Defense” Strategy
____|       |__________________________________________________________
873 || GNT Run around: DHS to Purchase Access to ‘License ‘Plate s

Connected GBS  Automated  Home  A ‘Division of the GBS ‘Group
Zoom ing

ERASIA Energy Ltd  Limited  The Reporting (‘Black Hole’

The NRC participates in several international organizations:
_______________Carnegie Endowment For International  Peace____
____________________|H|  E  | I|  We  See

The United States Navy America‘s Navy News Service Top Stories
Official Blog of the NavY Operational Stress Control Program

__________________Book ‘em  Danno! No Smoking Under 21

_________________________The United States Marine Corps

__________________Their Kind of ‘Dirty, but They Like It That Way

_________________________History of Marine Corps Aviation_____

_______________________________Happy 240th Birthday!___________

__________________________________This Veterans‘ Day_____________


_____________________________________Navy Medicine Live_________

Chron – He is among those with ‘At Least’ 50 Percent
_____________Native Hawaiian  ‘Blood who are eligible. .  .More

________JFS  for Sustainability  Biodiversity / Food  /  Water
The Japanese government is also developing an environment-
friendly “FutureCity”  ‘Initiative  (FCI) 2011_____________________

JPX  Japan ‘Exchange ‘Group   Corporate Governance Code Group

CEO Message- He Hopes To Enjoy Your Support As He Dedicates His Energies To Fulfilling Their Corporate Mission And Enhancing
The Appeal Of Japan’s Financial Markets.

Former US President George W. Bush posses for a ‘Group Photo with wives and girlfriends of’Team USA.

ChinaMining   ‘Improve your ‘Exposure and Visibility, ‘Before and ‘After.

Speakers ‘On China Mining 2015_________ __________________________________________________________________   ____The Official Website of Seoul Metropolitan Government ___________________________________________________________________

Japan doesn’t Have the best image when it comes to Corporate
Governance. ___________________________________________________________________ Just Ask them Anything  The Streets and Two Lovers


Welcome To;   Where‘s George?   George Orwell

_____________It’s Not “1984” It’s 2015 with ‘Big Data_____________
Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Manfactur e d r EIS ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________The Current  Time IS—- — —  –


Surprising  ) (  ‘Surprised  ‘In ‘Sight‘ Ful |   Quirky. / /  Slice of MIT

__________________________________________The MIT Press_______

NEGOTIATION  146  For A UNiversal Climate Agreement France as a whole is fully mobilized  to host  COP21/CMP11, That includes the French government, of course, Especially a number of key ministries as well as many public sector operators and, of course, local government bodies that are very involved and whose commitment will be decisive.

Our Common Future Under Climate Change   7-10 July  Paris

ADF  Shaping Sustainable Futures  The Global Goals  17

Science for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

You are here: International Agency for Research on ‘Cancer    2016


The CPCB RSF  is “led” by FEMA with the support of the ‘following’
organizations / organisations. __________________________________________________________________

The Sixth Session of the Governing Body of the International Treaty will be held in Rome, Italy, from 5 to 9 October 2015 and will be preceded by two days of regional consultations and related events.

FAO Legal ‘Office __________The ‘called Upon_________________

ASCAME  – 9th Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders. . .

LEAD  A Roadmap For Integrated Sustainability  UN Orchestra

The Queen of Spain addresses the FAO Conference and is named
FAO ‘Special Ambassador for ‘Nutrition. -{Way of Life}

___________________”Estoy como unas Pascuas”-unofficial ‘Start

And A Happy ‘New Year__________________________________and Customs

_______________Spain’s Central Government____________/ ‘Land ed

Museo Guggenheim Bilboa  // Strategic Plan  The Now  and   2017

__________________Quantum Engineering of Levitated Systems_______

The ownership of Gibraltar (a British Colony ) has ‘Long been a thorn in the side of Spain’s rulers and on occasion it Flares up. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________
HM Government of Gibraltar “The ‘Most’ Loyal‘ City of Gibraltar

(Californians)Around 25 Million {of } ’em  And ‘Expected to gRow \

America’s Watchtower Here______________WoulDa thunk it?

___________________ITS America ‘News  –      –      –      –      –      – 25 Years

BusinessUSA Discover.   Connect.  +   +  +  + +  x  *
22 ‘Different Departments & Agencies For The 21st Century(DHS) *

_________________________Halt The Assault________________________

______________’Another Huge Federal Spending Failure________

_________________________A Government Happening . . ‘Period.

–          _          –          _          –          _          –          _          –

The documents that ‘made United States Policy National Security

Archive Fund Inc (NSAF) is a Exchange GuideStar  Silver Participant

AIMS Capacity Development Portal  MAINTAINER ‘Role in Water ~

~ Shocked ~ ~ SHOCKED ~ ~ ( Morocco ) The United Nations (UN)

Summary For Policymakers available on top right ‘side

Dag Hammarskjöld Library  UN  Documentation    ‘Guide

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Research Triangle Park, home to over 160 companies is the largest
research park in the US. _________________\_____________________\_____________________\

The AKD Conference Center    Submitted ‘Reservation Request

National Association of Clean Water Agencies ( AMWA )-*

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ‘Act (FISA) PJm  It’s Sham justice *

*Readiness* ‘Exercise*  Program  ( ‘See Reagan )  In Plain

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GPS Users: ‘Some GPS devices Take’ drivers to ‘Tie rra Rejada -this road does Not lead to the Reagan Library.

________________An ‘Even ing ‘with Terry Bradshaw ( two-time -timing)

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Automotive… ‘Forum  Grand Hyatt Hotel  ‘New York NY Mar. 2016
IPIECA-The Global Oil and ‘Gas association for environmental and
social issues

ITCDC  –  Setting the stage for Tomorrow    IT Schedule 70  (SIN) *

______________________ The Federal ‘Footprints______________________

__________Rates for Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories And ‘Possess ions

Are – – _ _ ‘Set By the Department of Defense  (Do D  )_______________
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______Acqu is it ion – – What a Difference A Year Makes. 17 Hallways

The ‘United States Department of ‘State  |    DOS  ‘Official Site

_______A  ‘Service of the Bureau  of Consular Affairs ( STEP’ )

Bureau of International Organization (IO) is the US Governments
primary interlocutor with the United Nations and a host of
International Agencies and Organization Affairs.

LOCOW Guide to Law Online: Holy See (Vatican City) Law Library

Vatican City State   ‘State  & Government |  |  GovernoRate

The Farmer In The Dell  | It‘s | ( Possible In Germany)
_____________________MVSEI VATICANI______________________
Discovering German Heritage – An Exciting Journey ‘BackIn time’

Green and Inclusive Transport | ITF | Leipzig, Germany / Freistaat

______________Roman Catholic Church of England:__________________
___________________________’Love Your Taxes’_________________________

________Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘Annual Christmas Address________

________The ‘Official website of The British Monarchy________

|    |_*_Light Can (My16) Triumph  Motorbikes Search Engine

_______The Prince’s Regeneration Trust The Heritage -‘Tool kit *

______________________123 Greetings_________________________

The MAC is one of Europe‘s Leading Art Centres, situated in the
Heart of Belfast.

IAAS Irish Association for American Studies | E Pluribus Unum:

__________________________Mum’s {‘The} Word’_____________________

Agenda 21: ‘Programme of Action for Sustainable DeVelopment *

Sustainable Systems ‘Process – ‘Plan for SD into the 21st Century

_______________________/ BGCI    Season‘s Greetings \______|___|_|_|

___________Millennium Ecosystem Assessment  MA Board________
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_____________________________They‘re .   .   .  . ‘in the . North East_______
___________________________It’s Miller Time  UK Ltd._________________

Peoria Journal Star PJS   ‘By 2006 CATerpillar was ordering 10,000

Miller couplers a Year/’Coming/Up‘/Missing /STumP\ =[CSX]=25th

They don’t just sell Mining Equipment, They‘ll be Translating
Russian ‘Pretty Soon.-When /’What/ ‘Luck’/What it’s ‘gonna be’Like
Share the Pear and earn $20 for you, $20 for your friend, $20
for CaringBridge!

Countryside Survey |CS|  The Latest in this UK-wide series of
Surveys took ‘place in  2007 and the Results and Analyses
are available.
____________________Centre for Ecology & Hydrology { CEH }
_____________________________Forum [For] the Future_________________
Akana____IBM API___________TickerReport________________________
________Sustainable Cities Index – The index ran from 2007-2010
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S&P Dow Jones Indices DJIA  McGraw Hill Financial  SQUINT
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